Woo Hoo, we have arrived. Oh, and Hello World!

Ok, it only took us, ummm, years to do this, but we have finally launched our f7 photography blog. Why now you ask? Why not! It's not like we all of a sudden got a bunch of time from the Easter Bunny. Actually, we are surprised too, because we are more busy then ever before, and the time commitment to a blog is quite daunting. But we are doing it because we want to share, educate, and inspire.

Now that we have been photographing weddings for over 5 years, we felt it was time to start sharing our experiences with the virtual world. Actually, if you stop to think about it, as all day wedding photographers, we witness a lot of things that go right, and things that go...not so right. But at the end of the day, all weddings work out beautifully.

So, sharing stories, images, and advice to help you better understand what to expect from your wedding day is what this is all about, well mostly about. ;-) We'll probably talk about our daily lives and the dogs, a movie review or two, and the occasional oooh and aaah.

We are totally excited about this blog! Our inspiration is our couples, so why not tell us what YOU want to hear about. What are the things that you want to know about wedding days, planning, vendors, etc.

Just a little note, we don't plan to post every day, but we will post regularly.

One last thing, did anyone else watch the final Harry Potter? It was totally awesome!!!

Jenny and Jeff