We wrote a book!!

Hi Everyone!

Jeff, Lauren and I have been talking about how to better share our favorite moments, stories, ideas and advice from each of our weddings and decided the best place to do it would be in a book. So in December, we took on the Herculean effort to put a book together in time for the January wedding shows. It was such a fun and rewarding process that we have decided this will be something we publish annually!

The book is titled "Real Weddings 2011: Stories, Inspiration, Advice and Ideas from 30 Real Weddings"! It contains several chapters. The first featuring all 30 of our wonderful couples from 2011 and their wedding day stories and the vendors they used. The second chapter contains our favorite ideas from last year. Things like decor, hair pieces, cake toppers and you'll have to check it out for the rest of our favorite ideas. :-) The third chapter is advice from our point of view. Some of it is information that we shared right here on our blog and some new observations we have made. Then the final chapter, which is my favorite, is the one where some of our 2011 brides have imparted advice to new brides to help them with their planning.

It's a great book to help you get inspired for your wedding.

Here's some even cooler news about the book - we have turned it into an eBook that you can download for free for a limited time from our website! Here is how you can download your copy:

If you have an iPhone or iPad -

-In your i-device, open your web browser

-Type in the following URL - http://www.f7photography.com/f7realweddings2011.epub

-After a minute of downloading, it will ask you to open with your iBook app. Say yes and it will appear on your iBook bookshelf.

If you are downloading it to your computer (PC or Mac) -

-Click this link for instructions

-Follow the instructions to download the PDF version

Of course if you would like a physical copy, you can buy one and the link for where you can buy it is on the above link.

We are super excited about this and we hope that everyone will check it out and we hope it helps all brides as they plan for their own big day!



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