Kate and JD's Wedding in Roche Harbor, WA

Kate and JD were married on June 11, 2011 at our absolute favorite place in the state of Washington to be, Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island. When you go there, it is just a magical place. The morning of their wedding, there was a deer eating outside of our room, there is this incredible view of the water and the hotel itself is an historical landmark. It is really amazing. If I were getting married today, I think this would be where I would do it. The fact that their wedding weekend corresponded with our own wedding anniversary just made photographing their wedding that much more special for us.

Kate and JD are an awesome couple and we actually got to photograph them in a wedding earlier in the year when they were part of the bridal party for another one of our couples. It was really fun because we already knew several of their wedding party members so it truly was like we were part of the family.

Their wedding festivities started the night before at a super fun welcome party at Shipwreck Beach at the resort and we were there to photograph their welcome event for everyone. They had a BBQ complete with a bonfire on the beach at sunset. Then the next morning all the girls hung out in one of the houses at the resort to have hair and make-up done while the guys went golfing where debauchery occurred. :-) Once everyone was ready, we did a "first look" with Kate and JD in the award winning garden at Roche Harbor. This is always one of my favorite moments in the day. The bride and groom really get a chance to see each other and the emotions of the day all culminate at that moment. Then we ran around the property with them and their entourage taking all kinds of fun images before the wonderful ceremony in the garden. After the ceremony, they had their reception in the Pavilion and it was a great night of dancing and celebrating.

The Details

Photographer: f7 photography

Ceremony Location: Roche Harbor Resort

Reception Location: Roche Harbor Resort

Hair Stylist: Afterglow Spa

Makeup Artist: Lauren Nichols at Blackline Beauty

Caterer: Roche Harbor Resort Catering Department

Honeymoon: Hawaii

We were honored to be a part of their day, please enjoy checking out some of our favorite moments from their wedding day.

The details of their wedding day were beautiful and Kate made a lot of them herself. You'll notice the color scheme of blue running through all of her details.

One of the most emotional moments of the day is when the bride and groom transform from the guy and gal next door to amazing and beautiful bride and groom. This is when it all starts to hit you...this when it all becomes real. :-)

Kate and JD's first look was very romantic in the garden. Check out how hot they are in their portraits!

We had something unique in their wedding party, we had a "Dude of Honor". Kate and Cory have been friends since kindergarten so he had to be on her side for the wedding. We had a lot of fun with him and the whole wedding party as we ran around the property.

It was such an amazingly gorgeous summer day that it was just the perfect setting in the garden for their ceremony.

Check out how fun the party was. Something that is unique to Roche Harbor is their Colors Ceremony. It is done everyday at sunset and Kate, JD and the wedding party went over and watched it during their reception.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some highlights of Kate and JD's wedding day. Please let us know what you think.



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