Introducing Foto-Robot, the photo booth with personality.

Hi Everyone!

Jeff and I are super excited to announce the newest member of the f7 photography team! His name is F7DX1 and he is a Foto-Robot! Which in Earth terms is a photo booth. :-)

Here is his back story -

His name is F7DX1 and he comes from the planet Foton. He came to Earth on vacation and was on his way to Hollywood to photograph celebrity robots, but instead crash landed in Seattle. He didn't know that the wet air in our atmosphere would cause his systems to malfunction. He is trying to make some money to repair his spaceship so he can get back to his home planet. He found us and we offered to be his hosts here on Earth and when we found out that he is a photographer, we knew exactly how he could earn the money he needs to get home. He can photograph your wedding or party event and capture you, your friends, and family doing silly and funny things using his props from his space container. He even has cool backgrounds that he uses to make you look like you are in a studio. This will also be a great way for him to get to know our species and how we love to celebrate at weddings and parties!

We are super excited to have him on board as our newest offering of a photo booth! He is an advanced robot and uses a real digital SLR camera to provide high quality images. He also has a very easy to use interface...a touchscreen to make it easy for your guests. Also, his lighting is similar to that of our own studio lighting. Oh and he has some fun custom lighting to accent your reception! He creates a photo strip print for each group he photographs and then also loads the digital files onto a website for viewing later. For full details and pricing, please visit his website -

He also wants to get to know lots of humans and thought that a great way to reach out would be with Facebook and Twitter, so please go check him out in the world of social media -!/FotoRobotF7DX1

We hope that you'll want him at your wedding or event!



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