f7's wedding advice - Idea #3 - Always check the tux bag!

Hi Everyone!

This may seem like a "no duh" piece of advice, but you would be shocked at how many weddings we are at where something is missing, broken or wrong with the tuxedo. Common issues are missing or loose buttons (that will come off during the day if loose), wrong sizes, missing shoes, missing pocket squares, and the one that always gets me, missing socks.

Usually it is a groomsman's tuxedo vs. the groom. But very recently one of our grooms had the wrong jacket in his bag. Luckily he checked before he left the store and they were able to fix it by his wedding. But so many guys go to the store, pick up the tux and never look inside. Then when it is 15 minutes until it is time to start taking pictures they look in the bag to find (or not find) what should be there. I really hate to throw someone under the bus, but the biggest culprit out there for this problem is The Men's Wearhouse. Because they use a national distribution and ship in the orders, you may not be able to get a replacement item on the day of the wedding. There is a lot to be said for working with a local company that has their distribution in the same state as you can usually replace that day if you do forget to check the bag. Our favorite in Washington is The Tux Shop.

This really is probably the most common problem we run into at our weddings, but hopefully you will avoid this by just telling your guys to check the bag when they pick up their tux. We want everyone to be picture perfect!

We hope this little bit of advice helps to ensure that no one has to go naked on your wedding day. :-)