f7’s wedding advice – Idea #2 - A girl’s gotta have shoes!

Hi Everyone!

This may seem like a weird thing to get advice from a photographer on, but since we are with our brides (and bridesmaids) and really we shouldn’t leave the guys out of this either, we know exactly how much your feet hurt during the wedding day!

We are here to make a suggestion about your choice in footwear…make it comfortable! And also make sense for the walking surface you spend most of your day on. We’ll explain…if you are getting married in a beautiful garden and will be standing in the grass, you really really don’t want to be in 4 inch spiked heels. They will sink. We had one experience where a bridesmaid got stuck and broke her heel getting out of the grass and that was before the ceremony. Luckily she had flip-flops to change into for the rest of the day. And speaking of flip-flops, they are a must have for beach weddings! Let's also think about weather. We live in the Pacific Northwest so you always have to plan for rain. You can get some of the cutest rain boots to wear! Or how about if it snows? Boots are excellent for that too!

Now we are not suggesting ugly shoes…but the #1 complaint we hear from everyone at the wedding is how much their feet hurt and usually about an hour into their day. ;-) Everyone loves designer shoes…but hate how their feet hurt in them. I say buy the Jimmy Choos, let them be photographed with your dress, wear them for first look, some great bridal images and the ceremony, then chuck them aside for some super comfy walking around shoes. In all honesty…no one sees your shoes unless you lift your dress and show them. :-) We’ve seen some super cute ideas over the a pair of Converse in the wedding colors, blinged out flip-flops, flats, cowboy boots and rain boots. In fact one of our bride’s moms invented a pair of flip-flops just for this occasion that you might want to check out. Her website is

We suggest this for your wedding party too. They are walking and standing as much as you are and they will totally thank you later for encouraging comfy but cute and stylish shoes for the wedding.

And the guys are not without their own foot pain. Usually they are renting shoes and let’s just say they aren’t the most comfy. Why not let your groom show off his individuality by wearing his own shoes and make it something fun. Again Converse are an excellent choice!

We hope this has given you some things to consider for your feet. We encourage feedback and discussion on this. Please comment away!



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