f7's Wedding Advice #8 - Making the most of your engagement photo session. Having fun and getting to know your photographers!

Hi Everyone!

It is engagement photo season here at f7, so we thought we'd post some ideas and advice about your engagement session. The number one advice we can give is to make sure you do a session with your wedding photographer. We include it in all of our packages because we feel it is a really important, fun and relaxed way to get to know each other.

Engagement photo sessions have really risen in popularity in the last few years as it allows couples to do some very fun things while being themselves as a couple. They no longer have to be stuffy portrait sessions; they can be very romantic, silly, creative and stylized these days. At least that's how we approach them. :-)

But also consider the engagement session to be a great opportunity to get to know your photographers. It is the first time you will meet your photographer outside of their office and the first time they will interact with you as a couple. You will learn a lot about the photographers communication style, their approach, how they work, etc. They will also learn from you what you are comfortable with, what you like to do, how you respond in public, what you don’t like, your “best side” and in all cases, begin the creative dialogue in preparation for the wedding day photo session.

Now, before your engagement photo session, there are a few things you should consider:

1) First and foremost, stay in communication with your photographer. Make sure the photographer is clear about the schedule and time of your shoot as well as agreeing on the location. This may seem like a trivial thing, but keeping in contact is important in the ongoing process. Always confirm the shoot 24-48 hours prior.

2) Aside from what is mentioned above, think about what you may want to use your images for. For example, if you want to do a nice welcome board or “save the date” cards, let your photographer know so they can plan some fun creative ideas with you and shoot with a purpose in mind.

3) Know your weather limitations. If you are not a fan of any unpleasant weather conditions, such as rain, snow or wind, please let your photographer know. It is OK to ask to reschedule if the weather conditions are not right for you. Some folks love the rain and welcome it as a part of their shoot. But let your photographer know in advance so they can keep on eye on the weather for you.

4) Wear appropriate attire. Depending on your location and theme of your shoot, your photographer will suggest some appropriate attire. Bring multiple change of clothing so you can have different looks in your photos. We like to start our couples more dressed up at first to get some beautiful, fresh stylized shots, then change into more relaxed clothing to go run around and have fun. Also, if you want to coordinate with your wedding colors, you might want to consider that in your fashion planning. And if we are going for a theme, then definitely reflecting that in your clothing choice is key.

5) Schedule your makeup run through on the day of your engagement session. This is a great way to see how your makeup is going to look in camera for your wedding day, while looking your absolute best for photos.

6) Incorporate a seasonal look to your session by scheduling your shoot during your favorite time of year. We do get a lot of requests for fall and spring sessions.

7) If you have dogs and want to include them in the session, that is awesome. We love dogs, and they can be very fun and relaxing for the couple and make for some adorable photos. How often do you get a family portrait with your pet? Plus most places won't let your dog be at the wedding, so this is a great way to get fido involved. But just make sure you have a place for them to be put away after the first half of the session, or for larger dogs, bring a dog sitter to watch over your pooch.

Most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy the experience. This is probably the first time you and your fiancé have been photographed by a professional photographer and their staff so let them do what they do best. Don’t hesitate to share any creative ideas, as the more we learn about you and your fiancé, the better your wedding day photo session will be.

Keep checking the f7 Facebook wall as we have been posting our most recent engagement sessions and have plenty more planned in the coming months!

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