f7's wedding advice #6 - Your friends and Uncle Bob should be guests enjoying your wedding…not photographing it. The value and reasons to hiring a professional photographer.

Hi Everyone!

We thought it was time to put out there the reasons you hire a professional photographer (hopefully f7!) for your wedding day vs. letting friends and family shoot your wedding. We have heard horror stories about the friends/family scenario and want to save you from the pain because you’ve dreamed all your life about marrying your soulmate and having the perfect wedding day to celebrate this momentous occasion with all your friends and family.

Think about it, you’ve spent close to a year planning all the little details, selecting the perfect dress, having the most beautiful flowers, and will enjoy what you will call the best day of your life. When it is all done, your day will be a fond and cherished memory that even 40 years from now will be a part of your life that you share with your grandchildren. The only memories you will have will be your photographs that will help you relive this day forever.

So why take a chance in assigning the most important task you will need to decide on to a friend or family member who is a “hobbyist”, amateur, or even someone who has a nice camera that loves photography, but has never shot a wedding before?

You see, professional wedding photography is more than just capturing moments, many times, it’s creating those moments. A professional wedding photographer has the added pressure of only getting one chance to get it right. There are no “do-over’s”. We have to have expert knowledge in lighting, exposure control, styling/posing, creativity, story telling, and comprehensive knowledge of what happens during the entire wedding day. But most importantly, we have to have a human awareness and understand how people interact and anticipate emotions and moments.

It’s one thing if your friend or family member is a professional wedding photographer, that is, one who calls this their profession and career. But if they just dabble in photography and have a “great eye”, you are setting yourself up for some serious disappointment. We have heard so many stories from clients who have friends who decided to have a friend shoot their wedding and were devastated with the results. There are many reasons, both technical and experience, that causes their issues. But that beautiful day the bride and groom had will forever be tarnished because when they see their photos, all they will see are poor photos and not that beautiful day they experienced.

As professional wedding photographers, we at f7 photography treat each client and wedding as if it is the only wedding we shoot. We take a high degree of care to ensure that the wedding photography experience is the best the bride, groom and family will experience because we know (and take very serious) that we are responsible for your memories. Not just to capture the moments, but to make sure that all those moments are awesome, fun, emotional, beautiful, inspiring, and breathtaking. We do a lot of pre-planning with the bride, we do site visits, look at light conditions, consider weather forecast, scout locations, create a storyline, think about how the images are going to look in an album and do an engagement session all before a single photo is shot on your wedding day. And after the wedding day, there is postproduction work that we do on your images to prepare your final images and proofs for albums, wall art, etc. Yes, there is a lot of work that goes into professional wedding photography that is behind the scenes work that you may not have considered in your decision making, but that is what is needed to guarantee that you are going to have the best results and the best memories.

If your friend or uncle Bob is not willing to do all that for you and more, then please hire an experienced professional wedding photographer. You will thank us 40 years from know…we guarantee it!