Celebrating the life of our friend and client Sierra Dawn Esteves

It's funny how life works. Twists and turns in the road of life. Where you started is not always where you end up but it is still a destination that impacts your life forever.

We met Sierra and Mack in 2009 to chat about their wedding and we became their photographers. Little did we know what a profound affect this would have on our lives.

You may have met Sierra and Mack as we made a video of their engagement session in the fall of 2009. We saw during this session real true love. With Sierra and Mack there was romance, love, silliness, laughter, and a strong amount of passion. We had a blast with them and that day we became friends. That friendship continued to blossom when we went to their engagement party and then they came to our Halloween party where Mack helped us scare all the kids in our neighborhood.

Three months later they found a brain tumor in Sierra and the lives of 2 families and all their friends changed forever.

We learned the definition of being a fighter from Sierra. Sierra was not giving up that easily. She fought the cancer with surgery, chemo, and radiation. After the first round we helped Sierra and Mack celebrate by doing a special photography session in our studio. We also kept planning their wedding with them.

Sierra continued to fight and really improved. In fact she looked amazing at her birthday celebration that summer. Unfortunately several weeks later her cancer returned and she left us forever.

She died just a few weeks before her wedding day. She had all the planning done - the rings, the flowers, the cake, the venue, the tuxes, dresses and entertainment. Everything was ready for her wedding day. To honor Sierra, Mack and her friends and family gave Sierra her wedding. On 10-16-10 we had the honor and privilege to photograph and video Sierra and Mack's wedding celebration.

We witnessed Mack marry Sierra in spirit on 10-16-10 and witnessed how powerful love really is. This was one of the most emotional and hardest photo shoots we've ever done, but we are so honored that Mack asked us to be a part of their celebration and that we were able to capture forever the love that Mack and Sierra have for each other.

It's exactly one year later and we still celebrate Sierra in our lives. Fall was Sierra's favorite season (ours too). So now fall has even more meaning for us and as the leaves turn the amazing colors of the season we see Sierra all around us.

During their celebration Seal's song "Touch" was played. So on Sierra and Mack's anniversary we created this video montage of their wedding celebration set to Seal's song. Please watch and help us celebrate Sierra and Mack.


We love you Sierra and miss you!